How many shoes do I need?

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alt="woman wearing red shoes"
alt=”woman wearing red shoes”

Are you a one-shoe person or have you got more than you can count? Ever wondered whether you have too many shoes or how many you need? Well, the correct number for any person depends on many factors such as lifestyle and there is likely to be no right or wrong answer. But I think everyone living in Northern Europe like me needs six pairs of shoes. I will explain why and what types of shoes you need below. By the way, this applies to men and women alike.

Pair 1:

Everyone needs a pair of walking and or exercise shoes unless you are a couch potato, but I hope most of you dear readers will be aware of the health benefits of exercise. So one of your six should be a pair of trainers or hiking boots.

Pair 2:

Everyone also needs a pair of fancy shoes for special occasions such as weddings, interviews, funerals etc. I would go for a muted colour such as black or brown, so they fit with everything. (Mine are red, call me a hypocrite!)

Pair 3:

Your third pair should be a pair of everyday shoes, comfortable, but slightly dressier than trainers. I wear Doc Martens, but the choice is entirely yours.

Pair 4:

Pairs 4 and 5 are seasonal shoes. A pair of sandals is necessary for those hot days when it is too warm to wear proper shoes. One pair is plenty as it is never hot for too many days here in Northern Europe.

Pair 5:

Everyone should also have a pair of padded warm shoes for when it gets cold. Of course, you could just wear warm socks with your other shoes but trust me on chilly days they are worth their weight in gold.

Pair 6:

Everyone needs slippers for the house, you do not want to annoy the neighbours by wearing your outdoor shoes. You want to keep the floor clean and your feet warm on frosty winter nights.

Do you really need any more shoes than the ones mentioned above, in my opinion, no? Do I have more than six shoes, I better come out clean now, I do. For your info, I have about 10. But think before you buy another pair of shoes. Do you need them? How many heels do you need, considering you cannot walk in them? Do you need brown or black dress shoes when all your suits are the same colour?