I offer different packages which I’ll outline below. Please feel free to contact me if you need a bespoke service, happy to provide that too.

I charge £50 per hour for face-to-face sessions and £40 for online only. I offer an initial free consultation via the phone or online via Zoom or Skype.

General Decluttering

I offer a general decluttering service both virtual and in your house. Here we declutter either one specific area such as the bedroom or your paperwork, or several areas.

One session lasts a minimum of three hours. If you decide to book me for the whole day, I will take an hour for lunch.

Digital Declutter

I also offer digital decluttering of your computer, external hard drives, cloud storage, tablet, mobile phone, and email inbox. In this session, we organize and declutter the files and folders on your devices. We can either tackle one device or area at a time or we can tackle them all.

Organising Your Life

Feeling overwhelmed with your life and your to-dos getting out of hand? I offer 3 sessions at one hour each both virtual and in real life where I teach you how to organise your life, so you feel less stressed and can enjoy the important things in life. You will learn about GTD, time blocking,  and the Eisenhower matrix.

Photo Organising

More photos have been taken in the last few years than in the entire history of photography. Everyone now snaps away on their phones or tablets. But few people do anything with their photos or are able to find them. As a photo organiser, I will help with organising your photos so you can find them easily. I also offer to scan physical photos, negatives and slides and turn them into books.