Are you affiliated with a professional organisation?

Yes, I have affiliated with APDO UK the professional organisation for Declutterers and Organisers. As an APDO member, I take part in networking and training events to stay on top of the latest developments in the sector and learn new skills to improve the services I offer to my client.

Yes, I have also affiliated with the Photo Managers. As a member of the Photo Managers, I also take part in networking and training events to stay on top of the latest developments in the sector and learn new skills to improve the services I offer to my client.

What areas do you cover?

As a Hackney resident, I cover the whole of London and surrounding areas but will be happy to travel further afield if it suits both parties. I also offer virtual organising worldwide in both English and German

I’m embarrassed about my mess and clutter

Don’t worry, I’ve seen it all before. It’s my job to help you, not to judge. Some of us, including me, are naturally organised, others may need a little help. We can’t all be good at everything, each of us is unique with different strengths and weaknesses.

What do you do with my things after the decluttering session?

I currently do not have the means or license to take away large amounts of clutter, but I can help arrange for someone to come. What you do with the things you wish to discard is your choice, but I encourage my clients to take stuff to the charity shop or the recycling centre if broken.

How long will it take to declutter my things?

That’s a difficult question to answer and varies depending on the number of areas we are working on, the amount of stuff in each area and the speed we are working at. Decluttering can be physically and mentally exhausting and some clients need longer to make decisions than others.

How long is one of your sessions?

When decluttering physical and digital spaces, I offer sessions in three-hour slots, which can be booked as a half or full day with an hour’s lunch break. I find that sessions shorter than 3 hours are not efficient and longer sessions can be too tiring.
Photo organising sessions vary according to what we do. Some of the work will be done offsite without me, other work will require your input. Please ask.

Productivity coaching usually consists of three one hour sessions.

How much does it cost?

Please check the relevant section on my website.
I am happy to offer bespoke prices for unusual projects.

Will you make me throw things away?

While I encourage my clients to part with items, I will never make them throw anything away. Although I am a minimalist and I like clean empty spaces, I appreciate not everyone feels the same.

Do you clean?

I am not a cleaner, but while reorganising spaces I am happy to wipe and dust surfaces as we go along.

How do you work?

After you get in touch with me via email, Facebook, phone, or What’s App I will get back to you to arrange an initial chat online or via the phone to discuss your needs.
I will then draw up an action plan and send you a cost estimate for you to review.
If the project is more complex, I might come and visit the space that we are decluttering to assess the situation.
If you are happy with the action plan and the cost estimate I will write up a contract and book a session or several sessions with you.
I will confirm that the session is going ahead the day before.

Do I need to be there when you work?

Yes, as I need you to make decisions on what you want to part with and how you would like to arrange things.

Why do I need a professional organiser?

As a professional organiser, I can give you help and encouragement to declutter your house or office and hopefully help to build lasting habits.

Should I buy new storage?

No, wait till the end of the decluttering process when we can assess what you might need.

What if I need help again in the future?

I am here and always happy to return to an old friend.

My friend/relative needs your service. Can you help them?

Yes, happy to help others.

I’m not able to physically help with the decluttering – is that ok?

That is perfectly fine, I just need you to be there to make the decisions.