Photo Organising

Photo laid out on a table

Long gone are the days of having to lug a heavy camera around and be mindful not to waste any of your twenty-four pictures on a roll of film. Instead, most people now have a camera in their pockets and are happily snapping away at any opportunity.


While it is great to be able to document your life, most people never do anything with their photos and feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume.


For many years, I have worked in picture libraries throughout the UK, where I organised, digitised and keyworded photos. This makes me uniquely qualified to help you with your personal photo library.


As a Photo Organiser, I help clients digitise their physical prints, negatives and slides. I digitise using both a camera and a flatbed scanner.


As a Photo Organiser, I sort physical prints and advise on best long-term storage.


As a Photo Organiser, I sort clients' digital images on their computers, phones and tablets so they can find photos quickly.


As a Photo Organiser, I delete duplicate photos and prune your collection, leaving you only with well-composed images that truly matter to you.


As a Photo Organiser, I also create photo books and slide shows so you can share pictures with others.


Price: £50ph, 10% discount if you book ten sessions or more. I also offer bespoke packages for individual projects. Please get in touch.