Top 3 Tips for Reducing Cleaning Time

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Introduction – Conclusion – Top 3 Tips for Reducing Cleaning Time

Cleaning is a necessary chore that is part of everyone’s daily life. But do you enjoy cleaning your house? Do you have enough time to keep on top of it? Some weirdos like me find cleaning therapeutic, but you are in good company if this isn’t you.

According to Gloucestershire Live, two in five Brits only clean their house once a year, claiming a lack of cleaning products:

‘Two in five Brits only clean their house once a year saying they ‘don’t own enough cleaning products.

Doing the hoovering today… some dusting… you know that 40 per cent of the nation admit to only cleaning their entire house once a year right? Yes, new research reveals two in five UK residents only clean their house once a year and only a tenth say they clean their house on a monthly basis. Some even admit to only giving their house a clean when they have guests staying overnight.’

The Daily Mail gives us similar statistics to the above:

‘70% of Brits say they live in a pigsty, one in 10 hasn’t cleaned their bathroom in a month… yet STILL they say they’re too busy to tidy…

42% have never cleaned their home from top to bottom.’

This clearly isn’t desirable, apart from the health and safety risks of a messy and dirty home, a clean space is a more relaxing space. Some statistics claim a clean home is more relaxing than a SPA break:

‘It’s No April Fool, Brits Say A Clean Home Is More Relaxing Than A Spa Break

71% of UK adults say a clean home boosts their mood, with Queen’s I Want to Break Free topping the charts as our favourite songs we like to clean to…’ (Bissel Direct)

According to Mollymaid, 10% of UK households, before COVID, employed a cleaner; this is now down to 7%. But not everyone can afford the £10 – £25 price tag.

Whether you belong to the 70% of Brits that live in a pigsty, hire a cleaner or do it yourself with or without passion, below are three strategies to reduce the time spent cleaning.

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1. Declutter your Home and Reduce your possessions

Decluttering your home and reducing the possessions you own drastically cuts down on cleaning time. Doing a spring clean used to take me weeks as it involved dusting thousands of books, taking down nicknacks from the shelf and sifting through clothes to wipe the inside of my wardrobe. Now it takes just one day as there is less to clean. Okay, I practice minimalism, but even an average person can reduce their cleaning time by owning fewer things.

Dust and dirt sticks to every item in your home, so the fewer items you have, the easier it is to make your home clean. You don’t have to spend as much time cleaning, and you won’t have as many items to check over and clean thoroughly. (Maidstr)

Kitchen with clear counter tops and clear dining table.

2. Having clear surfaces

Similarly to the above, having clear surfaces will reduce your cleaning time as you don’t need to move clutter out of the way to wipe down your dining table or kitchen countertops. Instead of storing belongings randomly on tabletops, windowsills, and other exposed surfaces, find a dedicated home for them in a drawer or box. Keep only items you use several times daily, such as your kettle, out in the open. Consider decluttering from your home anything you don’t have a dedicated place for.

‘Having clear surfaces which are simple to clean will make it easier to keep on top of the issue.’ (Andrew Porter Ltd)

As a bonus, clear surfaces also lead to a clearer mind and feeling less stressed.

‘Clear Surfaces Keeps A Clear Mind

I feel overwhelmed if I walk into the kitchen when it hasn’t been cleaned or items from projects have been left on the counter top or table top…

By keeping surfaces clear, especially in the kitchen, you have a better chance of feeling inspired with a clear mind to plan and cook yummy meals. (The Clutter Angel)

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3. Clean as you go.

Finally, let me introduce you to the ‘Clean as you go’ concept. This concept is often used in a work context but can be applied to your home just the same:

‘Did somebody tell you that you should “clean as you go,” and you have no clue what they’re talking about? It means you’re expected to clean up after yourself immediately following every task. So, clean as you go – the name itself is self-explanatory.’ (One Education)

Rather than let your dirt pile up to a place where only hard elbow grease and strong bleach will do, clean as you go along. Wipe your dining table after each meal or clean your shower glass after a wash to avoid the build-up of watermarks. Doing these and similar small tasks will only take a few minutes and reduce the time spent on your weekly or monthly cleaning.

Mom was right… It’s so much easier to clean up a little mess instead of a huge one. Over the years, I have discovered how much more work I can get done—and do so in a safe manner—by sticking to the clean-as-you-go mentality. It’s overwhelming to leave it all for the end of the week. And that kind of lazy sets a bad example for those working with you. ‘(Nick Shiffer)

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Conclusion – Top 3 Tips for Reducing Cleaning Time

The above has outlined my top three tips for reducing cleaning time in your life. I am sure there are others, but implementing those will make your home feel tidier and calmer and leave you time to concentrate on the things that matter.

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